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Product Overview

Our products are divided into five different categories:

See the tutorial for an explanation of how everything works together.


Master Brick DC Brick Stepper Brick Servo Brick IMU Brick

Bricks are 4 x 4cm (1.57 x 1.57") boards equipped with a preprogrammed 32-bit ARM microcontroller, a Mini-USB port, two status LEDs, connectors for stacking and up to four connectors for Bricklets. There are Bricks that perform complex sensor tasks (e.g. IMU Brick), communicate (e.g. Master Brick) and drive motors (e.g. DC Brick).

Bricks can be assembled into a stack. A Master Brick at the bottom of a stack is responsible for the communication all boards within the stack. This master routes the messages between the boards in the stack and the PC (Programming Interface). For the user, the stack behaves as if all Bricks were connected separately over USB with the PC. See the stacking tutorial for more information about stacks.

Name Description
DC Drives one brushed DC motor with max. 28V and 5A
Debug For Firmware Developers: JTAG and serial console
IMU Full fledged AHRS with 9 degrees of freedom
Master Is the basis to build stacks and has 4 Bricklet Ports
Servo Drives up to 7 RC Servos with max. 3A
Stepper Drives one bipolar stepper motor with max. 38V and 2.5A per phase


Dual Relay Bricklet Joystick Bricklet LCD 20x4 Bricklet Temperature IR Bricklet Linear Poti Bricklet Distance IR Bricklet Voltage Bricklet

Bricklets can be used to extend the features of Bricks. There are Bricklets to measure physical quantity such as rotation, voltage, current and ambient light as well as Bricklets for control purposes such as switching relays, digital input/output and alphanumeric output on LCDs.

Unlike Bricks, Bricklets have no fixed size. Each Bricklet has the minimum size possible. Each Brick has up to four connectors for Bricklets.

On startup a Brick detects connected Bricklets. The Bricklet plugins, stored in the EEPROM of the Bricklet, are loaded into the flash of the Brick. This adds new functions to the Brick, that can then be used from the PC.

See Programming Interface for more information.

Name Description
Ambient Light Measures ambient light up to 900lux
Analog In Measures voltages up to 45V (DC)
Analog Out Generates configurable voltages up to 5V
Barometer Measures air pressure and altitude changes
Breakout Makes all Bricklet signals available
Current12 Bidirectional current sensor for up to 12.5A
Current25 Bidirectional current sensor for up to 25A
Distance IR Measures distances up to 150cm with IR light
Distance US Measures distances from 2cm to 400cm with ultrasound
Dual Button Two tactile buttons with built-in blue LEDs
Dual Relay Two relays to switch AC/DC devices
GPS Determine position, velocity and altitude
Hall Effect Detects presence of magnetic field
Humidity Measures relative humidity
Industrial Digital In 4 4 galvanically isolated digital inputs
Industrial Digital Out 4 4 galvanically isolated digital outputs
Industrial Dual 0-20mA Senses two currents between 0 and 20mA (IEC 60381-1)
Industrial Quad Relay 4 galvanically isolated solid state relays
IO-16 16-channel digital input/output
IO-4 4-channel digital input/output
Joystick 2-axis joystick with push-button
LCD 16x2 16x2 character alphanumeric display with blue backlight
LCD 20x4 20x4 character alphanumeric display with blue backlight
LED Strip Controls up to 320 RGB LEDs
Line Measures the reflectivity of a surface
Linear Poti 59mm linear potentiometer
Moisture Measures moisture between two probes
Motion Detector Passive Infrared Motion Sensor, 7m range
Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Sensor for 12 electrodes
Piezo Buzzer Creates 1kHz beep
Piezo Speaker Creates beep with configurable frequency
PTC Reads temperatures from Pt100/1000 sensors
Remote Switch Controls remote mains switches
Rotary Encoder 360° rotary encoder with push-button
Rotary Poti 300° rotary potentiometer
Segment Display 4x7 Four 7-segment displays with switchable colon
Sound Intensity Measures sound intensity
Temperature Measures ambient temperature with 0.5°C accuracy
Temperature IR Measures contactless object temperature from -70°C to 380°C
Tilt Detects inclination of Bricklet (tilt switch open/closed)
Voltage Measures voltages up to 50V (DC)
Voltage/Current Measure power, voltage and current up to 720W/36V/20A

Master Extensions

Chibi Extension Ethernet Extension RS485 Extension WIFI Extension

For the Programming Interface concept, Master Bricks route messages between Bricks and the PC. To establish a connection between a PC and the Master Brick, typically the USB port is used. Master Extensions can be utilized to change the interface of a Master Brick. There are cable based and wireless Master Extensions available. From a programming perspective the different interfaces are transparent. A stack with Master Extension behaves as if every board in the stack would be directly connected to the PC over an USB connection.

This means: You can develop an application with all boards independently connected to the PC over USB. Later you can stack these boards together to stacks, add Master Bricks and cable based or wireless Extensions and you can run the previously written code without any changes.

Name Description
Chibi Extension Wireless Chibi Master Extension
Ethernet Extension Cable based Ethernet Master Extension
RS485 Extension Cable based RS485 Master Extension
WIFI Extension Wireless WIFI Master Extension

Power Supplies

Step-Down Power Supply

A stack can be powered by the master of the stack over its USB connection. This option is limited by the USB specification to 500mA. A large stack may need more power than 500mA.

To provide greater currents, Power Supplies are available. These boards power the stack and can additionally be used to supply the power for driver Bricks (e.g. DC Brick). Power Supplies have the same size as Bricks and are stacked in at the bottom of the stack.

Name Description
Step-Down Power Supply Powers a stack of Bricks with 5V


DC Jack Adapter
Name Description
DC Jack Adapter Adapter between a 5mm DC jack and 2 Pole Black Connector
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