Starter Kit: Camera Slider

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Starter Kit: Camera Slider

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  • Programmable dolly and time-lapse shots
  • Easy to modify
  • Build your own brackets with MakerBeams
  • Extend functionality of kit with Bricks and Bricklets
Starter Kit: Camera Slider

Starter Kit: Camera Slider

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Starter Kit: Camera Slider

Camera Slider Touchscreen Add-on

Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost


The Starter Kit: Camera Slider allows a automatic and fluid linear motion of photo- and video-cameras. With the provided demo application you can control the slider freely and make automatic time lapse shoots. An easy API can be used to integrate the camera slider into you own project. This means that the kit can be used as a general purpose axis for linear motion.

The kit is build from MakerBeams. Other Beams can be attached easily. This makes it easy to construct your own brackets that can hold other devices. This means that the kit can be used as a general purpose axis for linear motion.

Stepper Brick moves the cart with millimeter precision and it can be extended with other Bricks and Bricklets. It is for example possible to automatically trigger the camera with a Industrial Quad Relay Bricklet. A RED Brick together with a HDMI touchscreen can be used to implement an autonomous solution that can be controlled via touchscreen.

Content of this kit:

A small video that shows applications is available on Youtube:

Technical Specifications

Motion Range 70cm (extendable up to 275cm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 94 x 15 x 4cm (37 x 5.9 x 5.5")
Weight 1,3kg


The following Add-ons can be used to extent the Starter Kit: Camera Slider.

Camera Slider Touchscreen Add-on

With this Add-on the Starter Kit: Camera Slider can be extended with HDMI touchscreen and a RED Brick for stand-alone use-cases.


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