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Starter Kit: Internet of Things

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  • Allows to control devices over the Internet
  • Supports 433MHz actuators
  • External antenna, big range
  • Controllable by


The Internet of Things is an evolution of the Internet. It interconnects not only human and computer as before but also physical objects (things).

The Starter Kit: Internet of Things offers an easy access into the world of the Internet of Things. It allows to control many devices over the Internet. For that the kit is equipped with a Remote Switch Bricklet. It can be used to remotely control 433MHz mains switches, dimmers and home automation components. You can find a list of supported actuators in the documentation of the Bricklet.

With the API Bindings it is possible to control the wireless actuators with any (Embedded-)PC, smart phone or tablet over the Internet.

With the kit nothing stands in the way of turning your coffee maker on while you are heading home or to dim your living room illumination with your own cloud or with a Raspberry Pi. The website gives you direct access to wireless actuators from any web-enabled device.

The kit basically consists of a Master Brick and a Remote Switch Bricklet which is equipped with a 433MHz transceiver. Over the USB connection of the Master Brick you can control remote control mains switches or similar. An (Embedded-)PC (e.g. Raspberry Pi) either does the switching itself or it can serve as a gateway. With an additional Ethernet Master Extension it is possible to go without a gateway.

With additional modules from the Tinkerforge building blocks you can extend the kit. It is for example possible to measure temperature (Temperature, Temperature IR or PTC Bricklet) or to react on movements (Motion Detector Bricklet).

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Content of this kit:


Technical Specifications

Property Value
Radio Module RFM69HW
Current Consumption 10mA (idle), 40mA (sending)
Radio Frequency 433MHz
Dimensions (W x D x H) 11cm x 6.5cm x 4.5cm (assembled kit)
Weight 130g (assembled kit)


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