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RED Brick


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  • Controls other Bricks and Bricklets
  • Executes your program directly on the Brick
  • Supports nearly all programming languages
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The Rapid Embedded Development Brick (RED Brick) can control other Bricks and Bricklets. The programming languages C/C++, C#, Delphi/Lazarus, Java, JavaScript, Octave, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell and Visual Basic .NET can be executed on the Brick.

A program that controls Bricks and Bricklets can be written and tested on a normal PC or Mac. Afterwards the program can be transferred to the RED Brick by the press of a button and can then be executed without any changes. Multiple programs can be executed simultaneously. The execution of programs can be scheduled (execution on boot up, every hour, etc.) and monitored.

This approach enables a very easy and very fast solution to realize projects. To our knowledge there is no other solution available that is even remotely comparable.

For each supported programming language the Tinkerforge API and commonly used software libraries are pre-installed on the system. Other necessary libraries can be installed manually.

The Brick is equipped with a Micro-HDMI connector, which can be used by programs to show a graphical user interface. A USB-2.0 Host connector can be used to connect WIFI dongles, mouses, keyboards, touchscreens and similar.

With an Ethernet Master Extension the RED Brick can be extended by an Ethernet interface. The RS485 Master Extension can be used to connect other remote stacks of Bricks and Bricklets.

Advanced users can use the RED Brick with full access to the underlying Debian system. The expert user can directly access gpio/spi/i2c pins for individual hardware development over a GPIO FPC header.

To use the RED Brick an SD card with RED Brick Image is mandatory. Without such an SD card the RED Brick will not work. If you did not choose a prepared SD card as accessory then you have to prepare an SD card yourself. Details can be found in the documentation.

An introduction video is available on Youtube:

Technical Specifications

Processor Allwinner A10s, Cortex A8 1GHz, 3D Mali400 GPU, NEON
Memory 512MB DDR3 SDRAM, Micro-SD-Card as Flash
Connectors USB 2.0 Host, Micro-HDMI (type D), Mini-USB, Stack connectors, GPIO FPC connector
Dimensions (W x D x H) 40 x 40 x 16mm (1.57 x 1.57 x 0.63")
Weight 14g
Power Consumption 0.75W (5V/150mA, idle), 1.1W (5V/220mA, 100% load)

Comes Packaged With

  • RED Brick
  • Chosen SD Card
  • Chosen USB Cable
  • Chosen HDMI Cable
  • Chosen Mounting Kit

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