Starter Kit: Hardware Hacking

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Starter Kit: Hardware Hacking

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  • Hack any low voltage electronic appliance and make it controllable by
    • PC, smart phone/tablet, Raspberry Pi or over the Internet (Internet of Things).
    • Demo applications for Android, Windows Phone and iOS are available.
  • Ready to Hack: Two Remote Control Mains Switches included.
  • Read out and control low voltage mainstream devices,
    • e.g. smoke detectors, remote mains switches, garage door openers and doorbells.
  • Interaction over USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet possible.


The Starter Kit: Hardware Hacking is about hacking low voltage mainstream devices to connect them with Tinkerforge modules. Any (Embedded-) PC, Smart Phone or Tablet can be used to interact with devices hacked by this kit. Interaction is possible over USB or via Wi-Fi if a WIFI Extension is added. Also a direct Ethernet interface with the Ethernet Extension can be achieved.

Two remote control mains switches are included in this kit, so you can directly start to hack something. A step-by-step guide will tell you how to do it (soldering iron, solder and a screwdriver are required).

There are two groups of applications of this kit: controlling and reading out. For control applications an Industrial Quad Relay Bricklet is included. It contains four on/off switches. For read-out applications an Industrial Digital In 4 Bricklet is included. It can read out four digital galvanically isolated signals with voltages up to 36V.

Documented example applications are:

  • Forwarding smoke detector alarm to a PC.
  • Controlling remote mains switches with a PC and smart phone/tablet (Android, Windows Phone and iOS).
  • Opening/Closing garage doors over a smart phone/tablet (Android, Windows Phone and iOS).
  • Forwarding door bell ringing to a PC.

Many more applications are possible, anything that is controlled by a remote control or output digital signals is easily hackable by this Kit. The given examples applications should be enough to give you the power to hack any electronic appliance in this category.

Programming can be done with the available bindings (C/C++, C#, Delphi, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell, Visual Basic .NET). Example implementations for many of the languages are available. This kit will also give you a good starting point into the programming with Tinkerforge.

A how-to video that shows how to hack the mains switches and some applications can be found on Youtube:

Content of this kit:

A small video that shows the construction and some applications can be found on Youtube:

Technical Specifications

Digital Inputs 4
Digital Input Low Level Voltage 0-2V
Digital Input High Level Voltage 3-36V

Digital Outputs 4
Maximum Switching Current 1.2A per switch
Maximum Switching Voltage 30V per switch

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