Working at Tinkerforge

We are a small team with a flat hierarchy and a fully engineering-driven approach. For the development we use free software and most of the software/hardware that we release uses free licenses.

Instead of exactly defined job offers we would like to give a list of general areas were we currently need help. We don't have work for 8 hours a day for any single point on the list. If you work for us, you will have a changing area of responsibilities with one main task. You will be able to learn a lot!

We will update this list regularly with new and changed requirements. Lines that are bold are currently inadequately staffed.

We are looking for experience in

  • Embedded development (in C)
    • Driver development (I2C, SPI, UART, etc).
    • Protocol specification and protocol implementation.
    • Linux kernel extensions/ports.
    • Linux daemons.
    • Embedded TCP/MQTT/FTP/RS485/etc-stack implementation/improvement.

  • Application-/Backend-/Web development (mainly in Python)
    • Implementation of (customer-)projects with Bricks and Bricklets.
    • Further development of etc.
    • Development of websites to display sensor data/actuator control.
    • Development of backends for sensor data storage.
    • Maintenance and improvements of API Bindings (interest in many programming languages necessary).
    • Development of Odoo-Apps (Python ERP/CRM).

  • Hardware design (mainly with KiCad/FreeCAD)
    • Development of Bricks and Bricklets.
    • Development of customer projects (often with Bricks/Bricklets as technological basis).
    • Development of products with LoRa/BLE and antenna design.
    • Skills in the area of EMI testing (for CE conformity, especially EN 61000-6-3/4).

  • Marketing (we are open for anything here, you would have to create a marketing concept)
    • Technical understanding of our products is absolutely necessary, since our customers are also developers.
    • Currently we use our blog and Twitter/Facebook sites for marketing. It mostly is "word-of-mouth advertising".
    • Our biggest customers are universities, research institutes and development departments, but they are not directly addressed.
    • Your tasks may include: press articles, product photography, examples, example projects, fair attendances.

All of the points above are optional in principle, the more they match your skill set the better!

Mandatory are:

  • At least basic knowleadge in English (for the developer positions German is not absolutely necessary).
  • Love of free Software.
  • Interest and willingness in learning.
  • Motivation to work independently (we don't do micro management).
  • Basic knowledge in git (for the developer positions).


Job applications can be send to The application can be informal and without lots of personal data. A university degree or certificates or similar are not absolutely necessary.

If you want to apply for an engineering position (hardware or software) we would like to see your own private non-university/school projects! Examples for that could be: A arduino project, a GitHub account, Linux kernel patches, a self-designed enclosure, your own DMX light control board, a blog with technical content, participation in an open source project, etc.

About us

The Tinkerforge GmbH is located in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock near the Autobahn A33. With a car we can be reached from Bielefeld, Paderborn and Gütersloh within 15-25 minutes. We offer a young team with lots of fun at work, exciting projects, big learning potential and free lunch. We are financed by the sale of the building blocks and resulting industry projects (we do not have any VC money or similar to burn) and growing at the same time.