MakerBeam Linear Slide 300mm

MakerBeam Linear Slide 300mm
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1 piece of 300mm linear slide rail (300mm x 9mm x 6.5mm) and carriage (29mm x 20mm x 8mm). The linear slide can be combined with MakerBeam.

MakerBeam is a versatile and lightweight structural system with a cross section of 10x10mm. It has endless building possibilities in desktop size and uses Mini-T, which is a smaller version of the T-Slot standard that is widely used in industrial automation. Each beam has a 8mm deep 2.5mm diameter threaded hole on both ends, sized for normal M3 screws. The profile system is very light, each millimeter of beam has a weight of only 0.136g. You can use MakerBeam to build the mechanical structure for robots, CNC projects, camera sliders and other cool projects! The official MakerBeam website has a big list of example projects.

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