Solid State Relay Bricklet 2.0

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Solid State Relay Bricklet 2.0


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  • Galvanically isolated switching of large AC or DC loads
    • For example: motors, pumps and lamps
  • Bricklet controls Solid State Relays (SSR)
    • The offered SSRs can switch up to 380V/25A AC or 50V/80A DC
  • PWM possible (dimming of lamps, control speed of motors)
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The Solid State Relay Bricklet 2.0 can be used to extend Bricks by the possibility to switch solid state relays (SSR).

With solid state relays large loads can be switched while being galvanically isolated. Mechanical relays can create switching sparks and other interferences. Solid state relays do not. Furthermore solid state relays are wearless and allow higher switching frequencies.

The maximum switching capacity depends on the connected solid state relay, which is controlled by the Solid State Relay Bricklet 2.0.

We offer two compatible solid state relays in our shop:

The Solid State Relay Bricklet 2.0 has a 7 pole Bricklet connector and is connected to a Brick with a 7p-10p Bricklet cable.

Technical Specification

Current Consumption 31mW
Necessary Contact Space of SSR Input 25.4mm (1")
Dimensions (W x D x H) 19 x 33.4 x 5mm (0.75 x 1.31 x 0.2")
Weight 2g

Comes Packaged With

  • Solid State Relay Bricklet 2.0
  • Chosen Bricklet Cable
  • Chosen Mounting Kit
  • Chosen Solid State Relay

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