Tutorial - Bricklet Cables

Bricklets are connected by a cable to Bricks. The current Tinkerforge system is using 7-pole connectors for Bricks and Bricklets, such that a 7-pole to 7-pole cable is used.

Front and back of 7p-7p cable

The cables are available in different lengths:

Cable for older Bricks/Bricklets

Early 2017 we started to replace all of the existing Bricklets with new versions. These new versions have a co-processor instead of an EEPROM and they have a different connector.

The old connector has 10 poles and is held in the connector header by friction. Unfortunately it is possible to push this connector in at an angle and bend pins in the header. This was the most common complained we got about the building blocks, so we decided to use a new connector when we did the switch from EEPROM to co-processor.

The new connector has 7 poles, it has a retaining hook and it can not be pushed into the connector header at an angle.

As a result of these changes we are currently selling two different kinds of cables for older modules. These are intended as spare parts or to be able to use the remaining offered stock of older modules:

Bricklet cable 7-pole - 10-pole (7p-10p)

Front and back of 7p-10p cable

The 7p-10p cables can be used to connect older Bricks (10-pole) with new Bricklets with 7-pole connector.

Available cables:


Important! These cables are intended to connect a 10-pole Brick with a 7-pole Bricklet. It is not working the other way round! You will not be able to connect a 7-pole Brick with a 10-pole Bricklet with these cables!

Bricklet Cable 10-pole - 10-pole (10p-10p)

Front and back of 10p-10p cable

The 10p-10p cables can be used to connect old Bricks (10-pole) with old Bricklets (10-pole).

Available cables: