Motion Detector Bricklet 2.0

Motion Detector Bricklet 2.0


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  • Passive Infrared Motion Sensor
  • Detects motion in distances of up to 12m (sensitivity configurable)
  • High sensing angle (120°)
  • Fresnel lens has controllable backlight
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The Motion Detector Bricklet 2.0 is equipped with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor. It can be used to extend Bricks to sense movement of people and animals. It has a configurable detection range of up to 12m with a sensing angle of 120°.

By using configurable events it is possible to react on detected motion without polling.

The fresnel lens has a blue backlight with controllable intensity. The backlight can be used as an indicator for detected motion or as a general purpose indication light.

You get two fresnel lenses: One in white and one in black. The white lens is better for the visibility of the blue backlight and the black lens matches better with the black Bricklet

Technical Specifications

Current Consumption (LEDs off) 37mW
Sensing Range up to 12m
Sensing Angle 120°
Dimensions (W x D x H) 25 x 45 x 30mm (0.98 x 1.78 x 1.18")
Weight 6g

Comes Packaged With

  • Motion Detector Bricklet 2.0
  • 2x Fresnel Lense (black and white)
  • Chosen Bricklet Cable
  • Chosen Mounting Kit / Case

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