Rail Mounting Case

Rail Mounting Case
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With the Rail Mounting Case you can mount Tinkerforge Bricks and Bricklets on DIN rails.

You can place up to 8 industrial Bricklets with an additional stack of up to 4 Bricks in the enclosure. It is possible to mount the complete industrial Bricklet assortment and depending on your application additional Bricks and Extensions.

For example, you could mount the following Bricks/Bricklets in the enclosure:

The front/back walls have cut-outs for the Industrial Bricklet connector. The same cut-out can be used by many other Bricklets (for example a Analog In/Out Bricklet). Because of the modular construction it is possible to place each the walls individually, thus you can always customize the enclosure for your specific project needs.

On the second floor of the enclosure you can use Bricklets that are not in the Industrial-Bricklet-form-factor. It consists of a mounting plate with our standard 5mm pitch pattern of 3mm holes. You could for example use a RS232 Bricklet 2.0 or RS485 Bricklet, or mount an OLED128x64 Bricklet, that can show status information through the transparent lid.

The top lid can be opened. If closed it protects the Bricks and Bricklets against dust and accidental contact of the electronics.

This case contains

  • 8x M3 screw 6mm,
  • 1x DIN rail mounting carrier with feet and suitable screws,
  • 1x FR4 bottom (schwarz),
  • 16x plastic parts (4x front/back wall for Bricklets, 3x front/back wall for Bricks with different cut-outs, 2x front/back wall extension, 2x top lid, 2x side wall, 1x Raspberry Pi side wall and 2x second floor mounting plate) and
  • 4x MakerBeam 60mm.

Hint: There is a protective film on both sides of the plates, you have to remove it.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 178 x 104 x 128mm

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