Rail Mounting Kit

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Rail Mounting Kit
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The Rail Mounting Kit can be used to mount Bricks and Bricklets on DIN rails. The kit consists of:

The Rail Mounting Kit is compatible to the following Bricks:

  • DC Brick,
  • Debug Brick,
  • IMU Brick,
  • Master Brick,
  • Servo Brick and
  • Stepper Brick.

The Rail Mounting Kit is compatible to the following Bricklets:

  • Ambient Light Bricklet,
  • Analog In Bricklet,
  • Analog Out Bricklet,
  • Barometer Bricklet,
  • Breakout Bricklet,
  • GPS Bricklet,
  • Humidity Bricklet,
  • Industrial Digital In 4 Bricklet,
  • Industrial Digital Out 4 Bricklet,
  • Industrial Quad Relay Bricklet,
  • IO-4 Bricklet,
  • Joystick Bricklet,
  • Rotary Poti Bricklet,
  • Temperature Bricklet,
  • Temperature IR Bricklet and
  • Voltage/Current Bricklet.

It is possible to mount bigger Bricklets, such as the Dual Relay Bricklet, by using two Rail Mounting Kits side by side.

Hint: There is a protective film on both sides of the plate, you have to remove it.

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