Industrial Counter Bricklet

Industrial Counter Bricklet


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  • 4 channel galvanically isolated frequency counter
  • Configurable edge count per channel
  • Measures duty cycle, period and frequency per channel
  • Frequency range from 0.03Hz to 4MHz
  • Time resolution up to 10.4ns and frequency resolution up to 0.03Hz
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The Industrial Counter Bricklet can be used to extend Bricks by four frequency counter channels.

The Bricklet has an integrated edge counter and it can measure duty cycle, period, frequency and value per channel. The frequency can be as high as 4MHz.

The edge counter can count rising edges, falling edges or both. The direction of the count (up or down) is configurable. It is also possible to use the value of one channel as the direction (e.g. high = up, low = down) for another channel.

All 4 channels are galvanically isolated.

Example applications for the Bricklet are reading of a PWM signal and reading of sensors that have edge counts or frequency as output.

Technical Specifications

Current Consumption 100mW (20mA at 5V)
Input Type Four optocoupled inputs (including 2.7kΩ series resistor)
Input Current Depending on input voltage, ca. 3.85mA/12V, ca. 8.3mA/24V
Maximum Input Voltage 26V (DC)
Low Level Voltage 0-2V
High Level Voltage 10-26V
Isolation 3750Vrms (optocoupler value)
Minimum Input Frequency 0.03Hz
Maximum Input Frequency 4Mhz
Time resolution up to 10.4ns (Duty Cycle Prescaler set to 1)
Frequency resolution up to 0.03Hz (Frequency Integration Time set to 32768ms)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 40 x 40 x 11mm (1.57 x 1.57 x 0.43")
Weight 8.4g

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