Industrial Dual 0-20mA Bricklet 2.0

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Industrial Dual 0-20mA Bricklet 2.0


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  • Precision current sensor, measures currents between 0 and 22.5mA
  • Can read out any IEC 60381-1 type 2 and type 3 sensor
  • High accuracy (0.15%), resolution (up to 0.172µA) and sample rate (up to 240 SPS)
  • It is possible to detect if a sensor is connected/faulty
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The Industrial Dual 0-20mA Bricklet 2.0 can be used to extend the features of Bricks by the capability to measure currents between 0 and 22.5mA.

This Bricklet can be used to read out up to two IEC 60381-1 type 2 and type 3 sensor.

The measured current can be read out in nA. With configurable events it is possible to react on changing currents without polling.

This Bricklet ist not galvanically isolated to the Tinkerforge system. This means that there is a direct electrical connection between the terminals of the Bricklet and the rest of the system. Dependent of the application this can lead to undesired connections, ground loops or short circuits. These problems can be prevented by using the Bricklet together with a Isolator Bricklet.

Technical Specifications

Sensor MCP3423
Current Consumption 50mW (10mA at 5V)
Maximum Input Voltage 48V
Measurement Range 0mA - 22.5mA
Supported Sensors IEC 60381-1 type 2 and type 3
Accuracy 0.15% with 40ppm/°C
Resolution up to 0.172µA (18bit)
Sample Rate up to 240 samples per second
Dimensions (W x D x H) 40 x 40 x 11mm (1.57 x 1.57 x 0.43")
Weight 8g

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