IO-16 Bricklet 2.0

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IO-16 Bricklet 2.0


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  • 16-channel digital input/output
  • Switchable logic voltage 3.3V or 5V*
  • Configurable pull-ups and interrupts
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The IO-16 Bricklet 2.0 can be used to extend the features of Bricks by external digital inputs and outputs.

The Bricklet features 2x 8 I/O channels that can be independently configured as digital inputs or outputs. Each input channel can additionally be configured with a pull-up or as interrupt source. The input/output voltages can be switched manually between 3.3V and 5V*. Via terminal blocks all signals and GND can be accessed. An additional terminal block delivers the switched output voltage.

Human interfaces, such as switches, push-buttons and LEDs are typical applications of this Bricklet.

This Bricklet ist not galvanically isolated to the Tinkerforge system. This means that there is a direct electrical connection between the terminals of the Bricklet and the rest of the system. Dependent of the application this can lead to undesired connections, ground loops or short circuits. These problems can be prevented by using the Bricklet together with a Isolator Bricklet.

Technical Specifications

I/O Channels 16
Current Consumption 36mW (7.2mA at 5V)
I/O Voltages Switchable between 3.3V and 5V*
Maximum Output Current (high) 10mA (per output channel)
Maximum Output Current (low) 25mA (per output channel) with 160mA absolute maximum (per port)
Maximum API Calls** set-port (1kHz), get-port (> 0.25kHz), callbacks (1kHz)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 35 x 75 x 14mm (1.38 x 2.95 x 0.55")
Weight 30g

* The maximum output voltage depends on supply voltage. If the connected Brick is powered over USB, 5V may not be reached. The reason for this is a voltage drop about 0.5V caused by protection diodes on our products. If you need to reach 5V, you have to use a stack supply, e.g. the Step-Down Power Supply.

** depends on your system (OS, CPU etc.)

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