Servo Bricklet 2.0

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Servo Bricklet 2.0


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  • Controls up to 10 RC Servos
  • Brushless motors with external ESC also controllable
  • Adjustable Period and pulse width
  • Uses motion planning to reach position with smooth motion
  • Velocity and acceleration/deceleration can be configured
  • Current measurement for each individual channel
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The Servo Bricklet is able to control up to 10 RC servos. With the provided API for many programming languages you can control the position, velocity and acceleration/deceleration of the connected servos. Motion planning is used to reach a position with smooth motion. The current-draw of each servo can be measured independently. Additionally output PWM (pulse width and period) is configurable for each servo.

The servos are powered by an external power supply (black connector). The voltage from this connector is directly connected to the servos.

Technical Specifications

Current Consumption 75mW (15mA at 5V)
Input Voltage 5V-24V (is directly supplied to servo/fan)
Output Period* 1µs - 65535µs
Pulse Width* 1µs - 65535µs
Velocity* 0 - 500000 °/100s
Acceleration* 0 - 500000 °/100s²
Deceleration* 0 - 500000 °/100s²
Dimensions (W x D x H) 40 x 40 x 10mm (1.57 x 1.57 x 0.39")
Weight 9g

* configurable per servo channel

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