Bricklet Cable Shielded 50cm (10p-10p)

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Bricklet Cable Shielded 50cm (10p-10p)
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  • Shielded Bricklet cable
  • Length 50cm
  • Suitable for harsh environments


This Shielded Bricklet Cable has a length of 50cm and a 10 pole connector on both sides.

There are Bricklets with 7 pole connectors and 10 pole connectors. This Bricklet Cable can can be used to connect Bricklets with 10 pole connectors to Bricks.

The shielded Bricklet cables reduce EMI/RFI interference and are more robust towards external EMI/RFI interference. The rubber jacket of the shielded Bricklet cables also protects against mechanical stress.

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