ESP32 Brick

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ESP32 Brick


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  • Ports for six 7-pole Bricklets
  • Execute your own code directly on this Brick (stand-alone)
  • Use the preprogrammed Brick to control Bricklets via WIFI
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The ESP32 Brick offers six Bricklet ports and is equipped with a powerful ESP32 microcontroller. The ESP32 is equipped with two CPU cores (up to 240MHz), 16MB SPI Flash, WIFI (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth (V4.2 BR/EDR, BLE).

You can use this Brick for two use cases:

The Brick can be used for stand-alone applications where you want to flash and execute your own code on the device. By integrating the C/C++ API Bindings for Microcontrollers libraries in your code, you can easily access the connected Bricklets. Support for WIFI, Bluetooth and other ESP32 features is available through the official Espressif ESP32 platform libraries. Your software can be flashed to the Brick by an onboard USB to UART converter directly connected to the ESP32 or by WIFI when using an appropriate firmware.

If you want to control the Brick with the high-level APIs from Tinkerforge you can use the pre-programmed standard firmware that is flashed by default. With this firmware you can access the connected Bricklets through the WIFI connection of the Brick. The standard firmware offers a web interface to manage the WIFI settings. For the initial setup a WIFI access point is opened by the ESP32. After the setup process this access point can be disabled.

A simultaneous use of stand-alone applications and an additional external control through the high-level API is possible. As a consequence you can react on specific events immediately (closed loop) while having other parts of the system controlled externally (open loop).

The Brick can either be powered over its USB-C connector, by the ESP32 Power Supply through the GPIO connector of the Brick.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply By USB-C jack, optional ESP32 Power Supply module
Current Consumption (WIFI enabled) 740mW (185mA at 5V)
Current Consumption (WIFI disabled) 420mW (84mA at 5V)
Bricklet Ports 6 (7-pole)
ESP32 Variant ESP32WROOM32E with 16MB Flash (ESP32WRM32E128PH)
WIFI 802.11b/g/n (with up to 150 Mbps)
Bluetooth V4.2 BR/EDR and Bluetooth LE
Dimensions (W x D x H) 66 x 40 x 9mm (2.60 x 1.57 x 0.35")
Weight 14g

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