Power SuppliesΒΆ

Step-Down Power Supply

Nearly all Bricklets are powered by the Brick where they are connected to, over the Bricklet cable. If you have a Bricklet which needs some other kind of power supply, there is a description how to power the Bricklet in its documentation.

How it is possible to power a Brick and its connected Bricklets is documented in the respective documentation. For many Bricks it is possible to power the system by USB-C or a DC input.

If you use a Master Brick and you have build a Stack, this stack can be powered by the Master of the stack over its USB-C connection. This option is limited by the USB specification to 500mA. A large stack may need more power.

To provide greater currents, the Step Down Power Supply is available. It has the same size as the Master Brick, has a wide range DC input and is stacked in at the bottom of the stack.

When using a stack with Ethernet, there is the possibility to power the stack by PoE. With Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) you can power the stack by the network cable. For that you have to choose the Ethernet Extension in its PoE variant.

Name Description
ESP32 Powers a ESP32 Brick or ESP32 Ethernet Brick with 5V
Step-Down Powers a stack of Bricks with 5V