Discontinued Products

Links to all discontinued products are listed in the following table.

Name Description
DC Drives one brushed DC motor with up to 28V and 5A (peak)
IMU Full fledged AHRS with 9 degrees of freedom
Servo Drives up to 7 RC Servos with up to 3A
Stepper Drives one bipolar stepper motor with up to 38V and 2.5A per phase
Accelerometer Measures acceleration in three axis
Ambient Light Measures ambient light up to 900lux
Ambient Light 2.0 Measures ambient light up to 64000lux
Analog In Measures DC voltage between 0V and 45V
Analog In 2.0 Measures DC voltage between 0V and 42V
Analog Out Generates configurable DC voltage between 0V and 5V
CO2 Measures CO2 concentration in ppm
Current12 Measures AC/DC current between -12.5A and +12.5A
Current25 Measures AC/DC current between -25A and +25A
Distance US Measures distance between 2cm and 400cm with ultrasound
Dual Button Two tactile buttons with built-in blue LEDs
Dual Relay Two relays to switch AC/DC devices
GPS Determine position, velocity and altitude using GPS
Humidity Measures relative humidity
Industrial Analog Out Generates configurable DC voltage and current, 0V to 10V and 4mA to 20mA
Industrial Digital In 4 4 galvanically isolated digital inputs
Industrial Dual Analog In Measures two DC voltages between -35V and +35V with 24bit resolution each
Industrial Quad Relay 4 galvanically isolated solid state relays
IO-4 4-channel digital input/output
Laser Range Finder Measures distance up to 40m with laser light
LCD 16x2 16x2 character alphanumeric display with blue backlight
LED Strip Controls up to 320 RGB LEDs
Load Cell Measures weight with a load cell
Moisture Measures soil moisture
Motion Detector Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor with 7m range
NFC/RFID Reads and writes NFC and RFID tags
OLED 128x64 3.3cm (1.3inch) OLED display with 128x64 pixels
Piezo Buzzer Creates 1kHz beep
PTC Reads temperatures from Pt100 und Pt1000 sensors
Remote Switch Controls remote mains switches
RGB LED Matrix RGB LED Matrix with 8x8 pixel
Rotary Encoder 360° rotary encoder with push-button
Solid State Relay Controls AC and DC Solid State Relays
Temperature IR Measures contactless object temperature between -70°C and +380°C
Thermocouple Measures temperature with thermocouples
Voltage Measures DC voltage between 0V and 50V
Voltage/Current Measures power, DC voltage and DC current up to 720W/36V/20A
Master Extensions  
Chibi Wireless Chibi connection between stacks