Source Code and Bug Tracking

Every product that is released by Tinkerforge is Open Source. The firmware source as well as the hardware design files for all Bricks and Bricklets are available. Additionally the source code for all tools, such as the Brick Daemon, the Brick Viewer and the generators for the language bindings is available.

This means you can use all of the Tinkerforge hardware and software as a starting point for your own project, extend or modify it. Furthermore you can help us in the development effort and most importantly report bugs.

To make it easy for the community to commit patches and report bugs, all of the Tinkerforge projects are hosted on GitHub.

Where do I get the Source Code?

If you don't know git, you can find information here. Our projects can be cloned with:

git clone git://

Below is a list of the Tinkerforge project repositories and corresponding bug tracker.

Name Repository Bug Tracking
Brick Daemon brickd.git Report Bug
Brick Viewer brickv.git Report Bug
Brick Bootloader brickboot.git Report Bug
Brick Library bricklib.git Report Bug
Bricklet Library brickletlib.git Report Bug
API Generator generators.git Report Bug
KiCad Libraries kicad-libraries.git Report Bug
DC dc-brick.git Report Bug
Debug debug-brick.git Report Bug
ESP32 esp32-brick.git Report Bug
ESP32 Ethernet esp32-ethernet-brick.git Report Bug
HAT hat-brick.git Report Bug
HAT Zero hat-zero-brick.git Report Bug
IMU imu-brick.git Report Bug
IMU 2.0 imu-v2-brick.git Report Bug
Master master-brick.git Report Bug
RED red-brick.git Report Bug
Servo servo-brick.git Report Bug
Silent Stepper silent-stepper-brick.git Report Bug
Stepper stepper-brick.git Report Bug
Accelerometer accelerometer-bricklet.git Report Bug
Accelerometer 2.0 accelerometer-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Air Quality air-quality-bricklet.git Report Bug
Ambient Light ambient-light-bricklet.git Report Bug
Ambient Light 2.0 ambient-light-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Ambient Light 3.0 ambient-light-v3-bricklet.git Report Bug
Analog In analog-in-bricklet.git Report Bug
Analog In 2.0 analog-in-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Analog In 3.0 analog-in-v3-bricklet.git Report Bug
Analog Out analog-out-bricklet.git Report Bug
Analog Out 2.0 analog-out-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Analog Out 3.0 analog-out-v3-bricklet.git Report Bug
Barometer barometer-bricklet.git Report Bug
Barometer 2.0 barometer-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Breakout breakout-bricklet.git Report Bug
CAN can-bricklet.git Report Bug
CAN 2.0 can-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
CO2 co2-bricklet.git Report Bug
CO2 2.0 co2-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Color color-bricklet.git Report Bug
Color 2.0 color-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Compass compass-bricklet.git Report Bug
Current12 current12-bricklet.git Report Bug
Current25 current25-bricklet.git Report Bug
DC 2.0 dc-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Distance IR distance-ir-bricklet.git Report Bug
Distance IR 2.0 distance-ir-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Distance US distance-us-bricklet.git Report Bug
Distance US 2.0 distance-us-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
DMX dmx-bricklet.git Report Bug
Dual Button dual-button-bricklet.git Report Bug
Dual Button 2.0 dual-button-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Dual Relay dual-relay-bricklet.git Report Bug
Dust Detector dust-detector-bricklet.git Report Bug
E-Paper 296x128 e-paper-296x128-bricklet.git Report Bug
Energy Monitor energy-monitor-bricklet.git Report Bug
GPS gps-bricklet.git Report Bug
GPS 2.0 gps-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
GPS 3.0 gps-v3-bricklet.git Report Bug
Hall Effect hall-effect-bricklet.git Report Bug
Hall Effect 2.0 hall-effect-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Humidity humidity-bricklet.git Report Bug
Humidity 2.0 humidity-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
IMU 3.0 imu-v3-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Analog Out industrial-analog-out-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Analog Out 2.0 industrial-analog-out-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Counter industrial-counter-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Digital In 4 industrial-digital-in-4-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Digital In 4 2.0 industrial-digital-in-4-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Digital Out 4 industrial-digital-out-4-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Digital Out 4 2.0 industrial-digital-out-4-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Dual 0-20mA industrial-dual-0-20ma-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Dual 0-20mA 2.0 industrial-dual-0-20ma-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Dual AC In industrial-dual-ac-in-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Dual AC Relay industrial-dual-ac-relay-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Dual Analog In industrial-dual-analog-in-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Dual Analog In 2.0 industrial-dual-analog-in-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Dual Relay industrial-dual-relay-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial PTC industrial-ptc-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Quad Relay industrial-quad-relay-bricklet.git Report Bug
Industrial Quad Relay 2.0 industrial-quad-relay-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
IO-16 io16-bricklet.git Report Bug
IO-16 2.0 io16-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
IO-4 io4-bricklet.git Report Bug
IO-4 2.0 io4-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Isolator isolator-bricklet.git Report Bug
Joystick joystick-bricklet.git Report Bug
Joystick 2.0 joystick-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Laser Range Finder laser-range-finder-bricklet.git Report Bug
Laser Range Finder 2.0 laser-range-finder-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
LCD 128x64 lcd-128x64-bricklet.git Report Bug
LCD 16x2 lcd-16x2-bricklet.git Report Bug
LCD 20x4 lcd-20x4-bricklet.git Report Bug
LED Strip led-strip-bricklet.git Report Bug
LED Strip 2.0 led-strip-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Line line-bricklet.git Report Bug
Linear Poti linear-poti-bricklet.git Report Bug
Linear Poti 2.0 linear-poti-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Load Cell load-cell-bricklet.git Report Bug
Load Cell 2.0 load-cell-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Moisture moisture-bricklet.git Report Bug
Motion Detector motion-detector-bricklet.git Report Bug
Motion Detector 2.0 motion-detector-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Motorized Linear Poti motorized-linear-poti-bricklet.git Report Bug
Multi Touch multi-touch-bricklet.git Report Bug
Multi Touch 2.0 multi-touch-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
NFC nfc-bricklet.git Report Bug
NFC/RFID nfc-rfid-bricklet.git Report Bug
OLED 128x64 oled-128x64-bricklet.git Report Bug
OLED 128x64 2.0 oled-128x64-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
OLED 64x48 oled-64x48-bricklet.git Report Bug
One Wire one-wire-bricklet.git Report Bug
Outdoor Weather outdoor-weather-bricklet.git Report Bug
Particulate Matter particulate-matter-bricklet.git Report Bug
Performance DC performance-dc-bricklet.git Report Bug
Piezo Buzzer piezo-buzzer-bricklet.git Report Bug
Piezo Speaker piezo-speaker-bricklet.git Report Bug
Piezo Speaker 2.0 piezo-speaker-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
PTC ptc-bricklet.git Report Bug
PTC 2.0 ptc-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Real-Time Clock real-time-clock-bricklet.git Report Bug
Real-Time Clock 2.0 real-time-clock-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Remote Switch remote-switch-bricklet.git Report Bug
Remote Switch 2.0 remote-switch-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
RGB LED rgb-led-bricklet.git Report Bug
RGB LED 2.0 rgb-led-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
RGB LED Button rgb-led-button-bricklet.git Report Bug
RGB LED Matrix rgb-led-matrix-bricklet.git Report Bug
Rotary Encoder rotary-encoder-bricklet.git Report Bug
Rotary Encoder 2.0 rotary-encoder-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Rotary Poti rotary-poti-bricklet.git Report Bug
Rotary Poti 2.0 rotary-poti-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
RS232 rs232-bricklet.git Report Bug
RS232 2.0 rs232-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
RS485 rs485-bricklet.git Report Bug
Segment Display 4x7 segment-display-4x7-bricklet.git Report Bug
Segment Display 4x7 2.0 segment-display-4x7-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Servo 2.0 servo-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Silent Stepper 2.0 silent-stepper-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Solid State Relay solid-state-relay-bricklet.git Report Bug
Solid State Relay 2.0 solid-state-relay-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Sound Intensity sound-intensity-bricklet.git Report Bug
Sound Pressure Level sound-pressure-level-bricklet.git Report Bug
Temperature temperature-bricklet.git Report Bug
Temperature 2.0 temperature-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Temperature IR temperature-ir-bricklet.git Report Bug
Temperature IR 2.0 temperature-ir-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Thermal Imaging thermal-imaging-bricklet.git Report Bug
Thermocouple thermocouple-bricklet.git Report Bug
Thermocouple 2.0 thermocouple-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Tilt tilt-bricklet.git Report Bug
UV Light uv-light-bricklet.git Report Bug
UV Light 2.0 uv-light-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
Voltage voltage-bricklet.git Report Bug
Voltage/Current voltage-current-bricklet.git Report Bug
Voltage/Current 2.0 voltage-current-v2-bricklet.git Report Bug
XMC1400 Breakout xmc1400-breakout-bricklet.git Report Bug
Master Extensions    
Chibi chibi-extension.git Report Bug
Ethernet ethernet-extension.git Report Bug
RS485 rs485-extension.git Report Bug
WIFI wifi-extension.git Report Bug
WIFI 2.0 wifi-v2-extension.git Report Bug
Power Supplies    
ESP32 esp32-power-supply.git Report Bug
Step-Down step-down-powersupply.git Report Bug

Where and How do I report Bugs?

If you found a bug in one of the Tinkerforge projects, we would love if you could report it! First of all, you have to identify the correct repository for your problem:

Bugs that are specific to a Brick/Bricklet (e.g. a specific parameter of a function in a Brick/Bricklet does not work or there is a hardware bug on a Brick/Bricklet) and bugs in the Brick Daemon and Brick Viewer can be reported to the obviously belonging repository.

However, if the bug is in every Brick (e.g. Stack communication is erroneous or a bug in the USB communication) report to the Brick Library repository. If it is in every Bricklet (e.g. the timing of recurring events is wrong) report to the Bricklet Library repository. If it is in the API or the API Documentation (e.g. typo in the API of a Brick/Bricklet or wrong statement in the documentation of a Brick/Bricklet) report to the API Generator repository.

For us it is important that we can reproduce the bug you found. You should try to write anything in the bug report that is needed to reproduce your scenario. This includes code snippets that crash something, the setup of your hardware project or instructions how you connected Bricks and Bricklets.