In the following you can find a history of released hardware and features. We intend to release something new every two weeks on average. But we may release two things in two weeks and then nothing for the next two weeks.

The release of new software versions are not announced here, but in a central thread in our forum.

Information about future developments can be found in our forum and can be figured out from the history of our projects on GitHub.


The timeline is not updated anymore. See our blog for news and updates on our current projects and products.

Year Week Release
2012 21 PHP bindings
  22 Ruby bindings
  22 iOS support
  23 Brick flashing support for Brick Viewer (No SAM-BA needed anymore)
  26 RS485 Extension
  30 Delphi bindings
  37 Complete German translation of documentation
  38 WIFI Extension
  39 Barometer Bricklet
  41 Add support for usage of two Master Extensions at the same time
  45 Introduction of Industrial Bricklets
  48 Master Brick 2.0 and shielded Bricklet cables
  48 Industrial Bricklets: Digital In 4, Digital Out 4, Quad Relay
  49 LCD 20x4 Bricklet 1.2
  51 New Voltage/Current Bricklet
  51 GPS Bricklet
2013 08 Visual Basic .NET bindings
  10 New website
  16 Starter Kit: Weather Station
  23 Ethernet Extension with PoE
  27 Industrial Dual 0-20mA and PTC Bricklet
  29 Starter Kit: Hardware Hacking
  33 Shell bindings
  37 NetIO Support for Shell bindings
  39 Starter Kit: Server Room Monitoring
  48 Ethernet Extension without PoE
  48 14 new Bricklets
  51 New Dual Relay Bricklet
2014 03 Perl bindings
  06 Mathematica bindings
  07 Starter Kit: Blinkenlights
  08 Announcement of RED Brick
  10 LabVIEW bindings
  15 JavaScript bindings for browser/Node.js and authentication
  15 RED Brick: Prototype-PCBs
  20 RED Brick: Bugfixes
  21 RED Brick: First Testing Completed