Master ExtensionsΒΆ

Ethernet Extension RS485 Extension WIFI Extension 2.0

If a Master Brick is used on its own or in a stack, communication is done over its USB interface. Master Extensions extend Master Bricks by other communication interfaces. There are cable based (RS485, Ethernet) and wireless Master Extensions (WIFI) available. Instead of over USB, Bricks and Bricklets can be controlled over Wi-Fi or Ethernet using the corresponding extension. RS485 can be used to interconnect Bricks and Bricklets over larger distances.

From a programming perspective the different interfaces are transparent. A stack with a Master Extension behaves as if every Brick in the stack is directly connected to the PC over an USB connection.

This means: You can develop an application with all modules independently connected to the PC over USB. Later you can stack these modules together to stacks, add Master Bricks and cable based or wireless Extensions and you can run the previously written code without any changes.

There is an extra section for discontinued Extensions.

Name Description
Ethernet Cable based Ethernet connection between stack and PC
RS485 Cable based RS485 connection between stacks
WIFI Wireless Wi-Fi connection between stack and PC
WIFI 2.0 Wireless Wi-Fi connection between stack and PC