Brick Viewer Installation on Windows

Requirements: Windows 8.1 or newer

The Brick Viewer can be installed from a setup .exe file.


First, download the Brick Viewer installer .exe form here. Click on the downloaded file, this should open the installer:

Brickv installation step 1

You can choose the actions of the installer:

  • Install Brick Viewer will copy the program files.
  • Install/Update ESP32 Bootloader Driver will install/update the USB bootloader driver for ESP32 (Ethernet) Bricks. This driver is necessary to do ESP32 (Ethernet) Brick firmware updates using Brick Viewer.

Typically you want the installer to perform all tasks. Click on "Next" to start the installation process.

Brickv installation step 2

Next the installation path can be configured. Change it if necessary, but ensure that the path contains ASCII characters only, especially avoid umlauts. Brick Viewer cannot be started if non-ASCII characters are in the installation path, due to a bug in the Python pywintypes module.

Finally click "Install" to start the installation process.