RED Brick - Installed Library Versions

The RED Brick comes with a plethora of different programming language libraries already installed. Below you can find the versions that are installed on the latest image. This list can also be viewed from the versions tab of the Brick Viewer for the connected RED Brick.

This list of versions is automatically generated and not fully complete. We install libraries from many different sources (Debian packages, pip packages, tarball, etc). Unfortunately not all of the sources are easily parsable, thus they are not all included.

Installation of other Libraries

We made it easy to install other libraries to the RED Brick.

For the languages with package managers (JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby) the package manager (npm, cpanm, pear, pip, gem) is pre-installed and you can use it through the console tab of the Brick Viewer. Even if you don't have any experience with Linux or terminals, you can read up on these package managers and learn how to use them in a matter of minutes!

For C# and Visual Basic .NET you can just take the .NET DLL, upload it with your program and add it as a reference during the upload process. Similarly for Java you can upload missing JARs. They are automatically added to the class path by the upload wizard.

Most C libraries are available through the normal Debian repository, just use apt-get to install them through the RED Brick console tab.

The Tinkerforge Bindings are of course pre-installed for all of the languages. You can just assume that they are available and use them.

If you know a library that should definitely be in the default images, please write us an email ( Include a place where we can find it and how we can install it. Preferably it is available in the Debian wheezy repository.

Updating Mono

For Image version >= 1.7 it is possible to update Mono to version 4, by default version 3 is installed. To do this a working Internet connection on the RED Brick is required. Issue the following commands from the console in Brick Viewer or via a SSH connection to the RED Brick:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mono-devel mono-complete ca-certificates-mono

Currently Mono 4 does not come with the Visual Basic .NET compiler vbnc. If you want to compile Visual Basic .NET code on the RED Brick then you should not update Mono.

Installed Libraries


Name Version Description full
apache2 2.4.25-3+deb9u9 Apache HTTP Server
autoconf 2.69-10 automatic configure script builder
automake 1:1.15-6 Tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
bison 2:3.0.4.dfsg-1+b1 YACC-compatible parser generator
cmake 3.7.2-1 cross-platform, open-source make system
default-libmysqlclient-dev 1.0.2 MySQL database development files (metapackage)
flex 2.6.1-1.3 fast lexical analyzer generator
freeglut3 2.8.1-3 OpenGL Utility Toolkit
g++ 4:6.3.0-4 GNU C++ compiler
gcc 4:6.3.0-4 GNU C compiler
gdb 7.12-6 GNU Debugger
gnuplot 5.0.5+dfsg1-6+deb9u1 Command-line driven interactive plotting program, version 5
gnuplot-x11 5.0.5+dfsg1-6+deb9u1 Command-line driven interactive plotting program. X-package
gphoto2 2.5.11-1 digital camera command-line client
iptables 1.6.0+snapshot20161117-6 administration tools for packet filtering and NAT
libacl1-dev 2.2.52-3+b1 Access control list static libraries and headers
libapache2-mod-wsgi 4.5.11-1 Python WSGI adapter module for Apache
libatlas-base-dev 3.10.3-1+b1 Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software, generic static
libblas3 3.7.0-2 Basic Linear Algebra Reference implementations, shared library
libboost-all-dev Boost C++ Libraries development files (ALL) (default version)
libc6-dev 2.24-11+deb9u4 GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Header Files
libcrypto++-dev 5.6.4-7 General purpose cryptographic library - C++ development
libcurl4-openssl-dev 7.52.1-5+deb9u9 development files and documentation for libcurl (OpenSSL flavour)
libexpat1-dev 2.2.0-2+deb9u3 XML parsing C library - development kit
libgcrypt11-dev 1.5.4-3+really1.7.6-2+deb9u3 transitional libgcrypt11-dev package
libgfortran3 6.3.0-18+deb9u1 Runtime library for GNU Fortran applications
libgirepository1.0-dev 1.50.0-1+b1 Library for handling GObject introspection data (development files)
libgmp-dev 2:6.1.2+dfsg-1 Multiprecision arithmetic library developers tools
libgphoto2-dev 2.5.12-1 gphoto2 digital camera library (development files)
libgphoto2-l10n 2.5.12-1 gphoto2 digital camera library - localized messages
libgphoto2-port12 2.5.12-1 gphoto2 digital camera port library
libgtk-3-dev 3.22.11-1 development files for the GTK+ library
libgtk2.0-dev 2.24.31-2 development files for the GTK+ library
libgtkmm-2.4-dev 1:2.24.5-1 C++ wrappers for GTK+ (development files)
libgtkmm-3.0-dev 3.22.0-1 C++ wrappers for GTK+ (development files)
libmpfr-dev 3.1.5-1 multiple precision floating-point computation developers tools
libmsgpack-dev 1.4.2-4 binary-based efficient object serialization library
libncurses5-dev 6.0+20161126-1+deb9u2 developer's libraries for ncurses
libnl-3-200 3.2.27-2 library for dealing with netlink sockets
libnl-3-dev 3.2.27-2 development library and headers for libnl-3
libnl-genl-3-200 3.2.27-2 library for dealing with netlink sockets - generic netlink
libnl-genl-3-dev 3.2.27-2 development library and headers for libnl-genl-3
libopencv-dev development files for opencv
libpcap-dev 1.8.1-3 development library for libpcap (transitional package)
libqmi-proxy 1.16.2-1 Proxy to communicate with QMI ports
libsqlite0-dev 2.8.17-14 SQLite 2 development files
libsqlite3-dev 3.16.2-5+deb9u1 SQLite 3 development files
libssl-dev 1.1.0l-1~deb9u1 Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - development files
libtool 2.4.6-2 Generic library support script
libudev-dev 232-25+deb9u12 libudev development files
libusb-1.0-0 2:1.0.21-1 userspace USB programming library
libusb-1.0-0-dev 2:1.0.21-1 userspace USB programming library development files
libvpx4 1.6.1-3+deb9u2 VP8 and VP9 video codec (shared library)
libxml2-dev 2.9.4+dfsg1-2.2+deb9u2 Development files for the GNOME XML library
libyaml-dev 0.1.7-2 Fast YAML 1.1 parser and emitter library (development)
mathgl 2.3.4-1.1+b1 library for scientific graphs (utilities and examples)
sqlite 2.8.17-14 command line interface for SQLite 2
sqlite3 3.16.2-5+deb9u1 Command line interface for SQLite 3


Name Version Description full
JFreeChart 1.0.17 JFreeChart is a free 100% Java chart library
JOGL 2.1.5 Java Bindings for OpenGL
JScience 4.3.1 Scientific library for Java
Java8 1.8.0-b132 Java8 Client VM (optimized for arm)
MySQL_Oracle_JDBC 5.1.30 Oracle corporation JDBC driver for MySQL
OpenCV 2.4.3 OpenCV library for Java
PDFBox 1.8.5 Open source Java tool for working with PDF documents
SQLite_JDBC 3.7.2 JDBC driver for SQLite


Name Version Description full
MathNet.Numerics 3.0.1 Methods and algorithms for numerical computations in science, engineering and every day use
MySQL_Oracle_Connector 6.8.3 Oracle corporation driver for MySQL
OpenTK 1.1.1631.6093 The Open Toolkit is an advanced, low-level C# library that wraps OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL
SharpPcap 4.2.0 Packet capture framework based on the famous pcap/WinPcap libraries
XML-RPC.NET 2.5.0 Library for implementing XML-RPC services and clients
gtk-sharp2 2.12.40-2 GTK# 2.10 suite, CLI bindings for GTK+
iTextSharp 5.5.1 Library that provides support of PDF document manipulation
libmono-2.0-1 Mono JIT library (Default version)
libmono-cil-dev Mono Base Class Libraries (BCL) - Development files
libmono-profiler Mono profiler libraries
mono-4.0-gac Mono GAC tool (for CLI 4.0)
mono-4.0-service Mono service manager for CLI 4.0
mono-complete complete Mono runtime, development tools and all libraries
mono-csharp-shell interactive C# shell
mono-devel Mono development tools
mono-dmcs Mono C# 4.0 compiler for CLI 4.0 (transitional package)
mono-jay LALR(1) parser generator oriented to Java/CLI
mono-mcs Mono C# 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 compiler for CLI 2.0 / 4.0 / 4.5
mono-runtime Mono runtime - default version
mono-runtime-sgen Mono runtime - SGen
mono-utils Mono utilities
mono-vbnc 4.0.1-1 Mono Visual Basic Compiler (VB.NET)
mono-xbuild MSBuild-compatible build system for Mono


Name Version Description full
RPC::Simple 1.002 Perl classes to handle simple asynchronous RPC calls with call-back
Thread::Queue 3.13 Thread-safe queues
cpanminus 1.7042-2 script to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN
libcrypt-blowfish-perl 2.14-1+b4 Blowfish cryptography for Perl
libcrypt-des-perl 2.07-1+b4 Perl DES encryption module
libcrypt-dsa-perl 1.17-4 Perl module for DSA Signatures and Key Generation
libcrypt-generatepassword-perl 0.05-1 perl module to generate secure passwords
libcrypt-gpg-perl 1.52-1.1 An Object Oriented Interface to GnuPG
libcrypt-hcesha-perl 0.75-1 Perl extension for one way hash chaining encryption using SHA
libcrypt-openssl-dsa-perl 0.19-1 module which implements the DSA signature verification system
libcrypt-openssl-random-perl 0.11-1+b3 module to access the OpenSSL pseudo-random number generator
libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl 0.28-5 module for RSA encryption using OpenSSL
libcrypt-passwdmd5-perl 1.3-10 interoperable MD5-based crypt() for perl
libcrypt-util-perl 0.11-3 lightweight Crypt/Digest convenience API
libdbd-mysql-perl 4.041-2 Perl5 database interface to the MariaDB/MySQL database
libdbd-sqlite2-perl 2:0.37-1+b2 Perl DBI driver with a self-contained RDBMS (SQLite2 version)
libdbd-sqlite3-perl 1.54-1 Perl DBI driver with a self-contained RDBMS
libdigest-hmac-perl 1.03+dfsg-1 module for creating standard message integrity checks
libgd-graph-perl 1.48-2 Graph Plotting Module for Perl 5
libgd-graph3d-perl 0.63-9 Create 3D Graphs with GD and GD::Graph
libgtk2-perl 2:1.2499-1 Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp Toolkit library
libgtk3-perl 0.030-1 Perl bindings for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
libnet-pcap-perl 0.18-2 Perl binding to the LBL pcap packet capture library
libopengl-perl 0.6704+dfsg-2+b2 Perl interface providing graphics display using OpenGL
libpdf-create-perl 1.41-1 Perl module to create PDF files
libqtcore4-perl 4.8.4-1.3+b2 perl bindings for the Qt Core library
libqtgui4-perl 4.8.4-1.3+b2 perl bindings for the Qt Gui library
libqtnetwork4-perl 4.8.4-1.3+b2 perl bindings for the Qt Network library
libqttest4-perl 4.8.4-1.3+b2 perl bindings for the Qt Test library
libqtxml4-perl 4.8.4-1.3+b2 perl bindings for the Qt Xml library
librpc-xml-perl 0.80-1 Perl implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
libsys-statistics-linux-perl 0.66-2 Perl module to collect system statistics
libterm-readline-gnu-perl 1.35-1 Perl extension for the GNU ReadLine/History Library
libwww-curl-perl 4.17-4 Perl bindings to libcurl
libxml-simple-perl 2.22-1 Perl module for reading and writing XML
libyaml-perl 1.21-1 YAML Ain't Markup Language
perl 5.24.1-3+deb9u5 Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl-doc 5.24.1-3+deb9u5 Perl documentation
pmtools 2.0.0-1 Perl module tools


Name Version Description full
Archive_Tar 1.4.0 Tar file management class
Archive_Zip 0.1.2 Zip file archiving management class
Crypt_Blowfish 1.1.0RC2 Allows for quick two-way blowfish encryption without requiring the MCrypt PHP extension.
Crypt_CHAP 1.5.0 Generating CHAP packets.
Crypt_DiffieHellman   Implementation of Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange cryptographic protocol for PHP5
Crypt_GPG   GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG)
Crypt_HMAC2 1.0.0 Implementation of Hashed Message Authentication Code for PHP5
Crypt_RC42 0.9.0 Encryption class for RC4 encryption for PHP 5
Crypt_RSA 1.2.1 Provides RSA-like key generation, encryption/decryption, signing and signature checking. Users are strongly advised to migrate to phpseclib's Crypt_RSA; which is better maintained and less vulnerable to security issues.
FSM 1.4.0 Finite State Machine
File_Archive 1.5.5 File_Archive will let you manipulate easily the tar, gz, tgz, bz2, tbz, zip, ar (or deb) files
File_CSV 1.0.0 Read and write of CSV files
File_PDF 0.3.3 PDF generation using only PHP.
HTTP 1.4.1 Miscellaneous HTTP utilities
Image_Barcode 1.1.3 Barcode generation
Image_Graph 0.8.0 A package for displaying (numerical) data as a graph/chart/plot.
Image_QRCode 0.1.3 A QR (2D) barcode image generator.
Inline_C 0.1 Allows inline inclusion of function definitions in C
MDB2 2.5.0b5 database abstraction layer
Math_BinaryUtils   Collection of helper methods for easy handling of binary data.
Math_Complex 0.8.6 Classes that define complex numbers and their operations
Math_Derivative 1.0.0RC1 Calculate the derivative of a mathematical expression
Math_Matrix 0.8.7 Class to represent matrices and matrix operations
Math_Polynomial 0.1.0 Package to represent and manipulate Polynomial equations
Math_Quaternion 0.8.0 Classes that define Quaternions and their operations
Math_Vector 0.7.0 Vector and vector operation classes
Net_URL2 2.1.2 Class for parsing and handling URL.
Services_JSON 1.0.3 PHP implementaion of json_encode/decode
System_Command 1.0.8 PEAR::System_Command is a commandline execution interface.
System_Daemon 1.0.0 Turn PHP scripts into Linux daemons
XML_Parser 1.3.8 XML parsing class based on PHP's bundled expat
XML_RPC2 1.1.4 XML-RPC client/server library
php 1:7.0+49 server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (default)
php-bcmath 1:7.0+49 Bcmath module for PHP [default]
php-cli 1:7.0+49 command-line interpreter for the PHP scripting language (default)
php-common 1:49 Common files for PHP packages
php-curl 1:7.0+49 CURL module for PHP [default]
php-db 1.9.2-1 Database Abstraction Layer
php-fpdf 3:1.8.1.dfsg-2 PHP class to generate PDF files
php-gd 1:7.0+49 GD module for PHP [default]
php-http 3.1.0+2.6.0-4 PECL HTTP module for PHP Extended HTTP Support
php-log 1.12.9-2 Logging Framework
php-mail 1.3.0-1 Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
php-mcrypt 1:7.0+49 libmcrypt module for PHP [default]
php-mdb2 2.5.0b5-2 database abstraction layer
php-mysql 1:7.0+49 MySQL module for PHP [default]
php-net-smtp 1.7.1-2 PHP PEAR module implementing SMTP protocol
php-net-socket 1.0.14-2 Network Socket Interface
php-pear 1:1.10.1+submodules+notgz-9+deb9u1 PEAR Base System
php-snmp 1:7.0+49 SNMP module for PHP [default]
php-xmlrpc 1:7.0+49 XMLRPC-EPI module for PHP [default]


Name Version Description full
libpython2.7 2.7.13-2+deb9u3 Shared Python runtime library (version 2.7)
pycrypto 2.6.1  
pynag 1.1.2  
python 2.7.13-2 interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version)
python-flask 0.12.1-1 micro web framework based on Werkzeug and Jinja2 - Python 2.7
python-gtk2 2.24.0-5.1 Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set
python-gtk2-dev 2.24.0-5.1 GTK+ bindings: devel files
python-matplotlib 2.0.0+dfsg1-2 Python based plotting system in a style similar to Matlab
python-matplotlib-data 2.0.0+dfsg1-2 Python based plotting system (data package)
python-msgpack 0.4.8-1 Python implementation of MessagePack format
python-mysql.connector 2.1.6-1 pure Python implementation of MySQL Client/Server protocol
python-mysqldb 1.3.7-1.1 Python interface to MySQL
python-netifaces 0.10.4-0.1+b2 portable network interface information - Python 2.x
python-numpy 1:1.12.1-3 Numerical Python adds a fast array facility to the Python language
python-opencv Python bindings for the computer vision library
python-opengl 3.1.0+dfsg-1 Python bindings to OpenGL (Python 2)
python-pcapy 0.10.8-1+b1 Python interface to the libpcap packet capture library
python-pil 4.0.0-4 Python Imaging Library (Pillow fork)
python-pip 9.0.1-2+deb9u1 Python package installer
python-psutil 5.0.1-1 module providing convenience functions for managing processes
python-pycurl 7.43.0-2 Python bindings to libcurl
python-pypdf2 1.26.0-2 Pure-Python library built as a PDF toolkit (Python 2)
python-pywapi 0.3.6-1 Python wrapper around different weather APIs
python-qt4 4.11.4+dfsg-2+b1 Python bindings for Qt4
python-qt4-gl 4.11.4+dfsg-2+b1 Python bindings for Qt4's OpenGL module
python-qwt5-qt4 5.2.1~cvs20091107+dfsg-8 Python version of the Qwt5 technical widget library
python-reconfigure 0.1.74+git49a20890-3 simple config file management library (Python 2)
python-scipy 0.18.1-2 scientific tools for Python
python-sciscipy 1.0.1-2 Python binding of Scilab
python-serial 3.2.1-1 pyserial - module encapsulating access for the serial port
python-setuptools 33.1.1-1 Python Distutils Enhancements
python-sip 4.18.1+dfsg-2 Python/C++ bindings generator runtime library
python-sqlite 1.0.1-12 Python interface to SQLite 2
python-sqlitecachec 1.1.4-1 Fast metadata parser for yum
python-wheel 0.29.0-2 built-package format for Python
python3 3.5.3-1 interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version)
python3-numpy 1:1.12.1-3 Fast array facility to the Python 3 language
python3-pil 4.0.0-4 Python Imaging Library (Python3)
python3-pil.imagetk 4.0.0-4 Python Imaging Library - ImageTk Module (Python3)
python3-pip 9.0.1-2+deb9u1 Python package installer
python3-pyqt4 4.11.4+dfsg-2+b1 Python3 bindings for Qt4
python3-pyqt4.qtopengl 4.11.4+dfsg-2+b1 Python 3 bindings for Qt4's OpenGL module
python3-pyqt5 5.7+dfsg-5 Python 3 bindings for Qt5
python3-pyqt5.qtopengl 5.7+dfsg-5 Python 3 bindings for Qt5's OpenGL module
python3-scipy 0.18.1-2 scientific tools for Python 3
python3-serial 3.2.1-1 pyserial - module encapsulating access for the serial port
python3-setuptools 33.1.1-1 Python3 Distutils Enhancements
python3-sip 4.18.1+dfsg-2 Python 3/C++ bindings generator runtime library
python3-software-properties manage the repositories that you install software from
python3-tz 2016.7-0.3 Python3 version of the Olson timezone database
python3-tzlocal 1.3-1 tzinfo object for the local timezone (Python 3 version)
python3-wheel 0.29.0-2 built-package format for Python
watchdog 0.9.0  


Name Version Description full
bundler 2.0.2 The best way to manage your application's dependencies
curb 0.9.10 Ruby libcurl bindings
distribution 0.7.3 Distribution
god 0.13.7 Process monitoring framework.
integration 0.1.4 Numerical integration for Ruby with a simple interface.
minimization 0.2.5 A suite for minimization in Ruby
msgpack-rpc 0.6.0 MessagePack-RPC, asynchronous RPC library using MessagePack
mysql2 0.5.3 A simple, fast Mysql library for Ruby, binding to libmysql
prawn 2.2.2, 0.8.4 A fast and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
rake 13.0.1, 10.5.0 Rake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby
rubocop 0.77.0 Automatic Ruby code style checking tool.
ruby-full 1:2.3.3 Ruby full installation (default version)
ruby-pcap 0.7.9 Ruby interface to LBL Packet Capture library.
rubyvis 0.7.0, 0.6.1 Rubyvis
sqlite3 1.4.1 This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 database engine (
statsample 2.1.0 A suite for basic and advanced statistics on Ruby