Brick Daemon Installation on Linux

The Brick Daemon can be installed on Debian based distribution (Ubuntu, Mint, etc.) from a .deb file. For Arch Linux the package brickd is available in the AUR. On other distributions the Brick Daemon can be installed from source.

Debian Package

First, download the correct Brick Daemon .deb for your architecture from here. Right-click on the file and choose "Open with GDebi Package Installer":

Brickd installation step 1

Then click "Install Package":

Brickd installation step 2


Brickd installation step 3

On Ubuntu you can also use the Ubuntu Software Center, other Desktop environments have very similar tools that practically work the same way.

To install Brick Daemon from the console use the following:

# Use libudev1 instead of libudev0 in Ubuntu 13.04
sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0 libudev0 pm-utils

# On ARM (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
sudo dpkg -i brickd_linux_latest_armhf.deb

# On 64bit x86
sudo dpkg -i brickd_linux_latest_amd64.deb

# On 32bit x86
sudo dpkg -i brickd_linux_latest_i386.deb

# On RED Brick
sudo dpkg -i brickd_linux_latest+redbrick_armhf.deb

The Brick Daemon will be started after the installation and at startup automatically.

From Source

To install Brick Daemon from source follow the steps described in this README.