Starter Kit: Hardware Hacking

After we received exclusively positive feedback for the Starter Kit: Weather Station, we are happy to announce the newest kit of the Starter Kit series: The Starter Kit: Hardware Hacking.

The Starter Kit: Hardware Hacking is about hacking low voltage mainstream devices to connect them with Tinkerforge modules. Any (Embedded-) PC, Smart Phone or Tablet can be used to interact with devices hacked by this kit. An extensive tutorial that has many example-hacks is available.

Two remote control mains switches are included in this kit, so you can directly start to hack something. A step-by-step guide will tell you how to do it (soldering iron, solder and a screwdriver are required).

Additionally we have a small introduction video as well as a howto video on Youtube.

Introduction video:

The Kit is available until July 31st 2013 for the introductory price of 79.99€ in the Tinkerforge shop.