IMU Bricklet 3.0

You can now get the IMU Brick 2.0 also in the form factor of a Bricklet. We named the new Bricklet "IMU Bricklet 3.0" to make sure that there can't be any naming conflicts.

The IMU Bricklet 3.0 offers the same features and performance as the IMU Brick 2.0, but it can be connected to a HAT (Zero) Brick with a Bricklet cable!

Please note: The IMU Brick 2.0 is not deprecated. We are aware that the IMU Brick 2.0 is installed in products in the agricultural sector in bigger quantities and that it can't be easily replaced by a Bricklet. Therefore we will produce and sell the IMU Brick 2.0 in the current form for an indefinite period.