Part 2: 9 new Bricklets - CO2, E-Paper and many more

In our second part of the blog entry (part 1) we want to introduce the new Laser Range Finder Bricklet 2.0, the Hall Effect Bricklet 2.0, the Segment Display 4x7 Bricklet 2.0 as well as the brand new E-Paper 296x128 Bricklet.

First the new E-Paper 296x128 Bricklet: You can choose between a black/white/gray 2.9" e-paper display as well as one that can produce black, white and red colors. The Bricklet has an embedded font for easy text drawing. For complex applications it is of course possible to set every pixel individually. The time for one full display update is about 7.5 seconds. It is possible to use different display draw modes to get update rates of up to 1Hz.

The new Laser Range Finder Bricklet 2.0 uses the same LIDAR-Lite sensor as the old Bricklet. We did however change the cable connection between the LIDAR-Lite and the Bricklet. We now use a custom cable that is much more robust then the old self-cut connector that the predecessor used.

With the new Hall Effect Bricklet 2.0 you can measure the magnetic flux density between -7mT and 7mT. Additionally you can use a counter with a configurable trigger point (unipolar as well as bipolar). The counter can count frequencies of up to 10kHz! Compared to the predecessor that did not have any analog read out and a maximum sampling rate of 8Hz, the Hall Effect Bricklet 2.0 plays in a completely different league.

The Segment Display 4x7 Bricklet 2.0 has a improved segment display. The new display can show a dot per digit, a colon and a tick mark next to the four standard 7 segment digits.

Part 1: 9 new Bricklets - CO2, E-Paper and many more

We just got a big delivery of our newest production panel. It contains 25 different Bricklets, including many new 2.0 Bricklets that replace their predecessors. With the E-Paper 296x128 Bricklet we also have a brand new Bricklet on the panel. We now have converted nearly all Bricklets to the new 7 pole connector.

The panel contains the following new Bricklets:

The blog entry is split in two parts, today we will introduce half of the new Bricklets.

Many of you already have waited for the new CO2 Bricklet 2.0. It has a new and improved sensor and is also less expensive compared to the old one. The new Bricklet can measure CO2 concentration from 400ppm up to 10000ppm (parts per million) and it has an accuracy of ±30ppm (whole range) and ±3% (value). It measures temperature and humidity for compensation. Additionally it is possible to set the current barometric pressure value for further calibration.

Our new RGB LED Bricklet 2.0 has a new brighter LED and an interesting new feature: The luminance output of the LED is corrected for human light perception with accordance to CIE 1931. This means that for every color a fade from off to full brightness (value 0 to 255) will appear to be a smooth color gradient to the human eye.

The Piezo Speaker Bricklet 2.0 can be used if you like it loud. In comparison to the predecessor the new Bricklet has a notably bigger buzzer with more power and more features. If you thought the old Bricklet was too quite, you will not be disappointed with the new Bricklet. You can use a configurable frequency range from 50Hz to 15000Hz. The API directly has support for alarm/siren sounds. It can sweep through a frequency range with configurable range, step size and duration. The volume can be controlled with a sound pressure level range of 85dB(A) to 110dB(A).

The new Linear Poti Bricklet 2.0 and Joystick Bricklet 2.0 have a co-processor, a status LED as well as a 7 pole connector. They replace their respective predecessors.

In the next blog entry we will introduce the Laser Range Finder Bricklet 2.0, RGB LED Bricklet 2.0, Segment Display 4x7 Bricklet 2.0 as well as the brand new E-Paper 296x128 Bricklet.