Starter Kit: Camera Slider

With the new Starter Kit: Camera Slider you can move video and photo-cameras on a slider to make attractive recordings. Moving time-lapse recordings with a DSLR or arbitrary video-camera movements are the main applications of the kit. The kit can also be used for completely different purposes where linear motion is needed (see end of the video below).

The movements are done with a stepper motor, that can be controlled with a demo application. It is possible to automatically make movements from and to specified positions with a desired speed and acceleration. It is also possible to do time-lapse recordings with the software. You can configure the distance and time between shots. With the API of the Stepper Brick it is easy to integrate the camera slider into your own projects.

MakerBeams are used for the construction of the frame and the cart. This means that it is easy to add your own mounting brackets or to extend the length of the frame to up to 3m. Together with the RED Brick, a Step-Down Power Supply and our HDMI touchscreen you can make the camera slider autonomously controllable through the touchscreen. Only an additional power supply (e.g. a battery) is needed.

If your camera does not allow to start records through USB, you can also use an Industrial Quad Relay Bricklet together with an external trigger. Possible hardware modifications, a construction guide and much more information can be found in the documentation. The kit is available for 247.95€ in our shop.