RED Brick Image 1.10 Beta Test

Today we enter beta phase for RED Brick image 1.10. Normaly, we would release a new RED Brick image right away, but this time we want to test the new image in a public beta test, because it contains several big changes (e.g. new Kernel and Debian version). You can find the new image here: You'll also need the current Brick Viewer 2.3.11.

Changes include:

  • Update to Linux Kernel version 4.13
  • Update to Debian version 9
  • On-Demand CPU frequency control
  • Network management with Network Manager for faster response time in Brick Viewer
  • Support for more WIFI USB sticks (with better support for Access Point Mode)
  • Support for Bluetooth LE/4
  • Many software and programming language updates: Node.js 8, Nagios 4, Octave 4, openHAB 2, etc
  • Update all Brick/Bricklet Bindings for all languages to lastest version

Known problems:

  • Stack communication in Brick Daemon is currently not DMA-accelerated and uses more CPU power. This will be fixed for the final version.
  • The display resolution cannot be changed at runtime. We're looking into it at the moment. It's unclear if this can be fixed.
  • No support for 3D/OpenGL hardware acceleration. The necessary Mali drivers are currently not yet ported to the newest kernel versions. We will release a new image as soon as we can add the drivers again. 2D hardware acceleration (for normal desktop environment usage etc) is working fine!

There is a forum thread for your feedback.