The RED Brick is third best SBCs of 2018!

The american magazine EETimes has publisched a Ranking of the 10 best SBCs (Single Board Computer) of 2018. The ranking consides price, performance, form factors, user communities, applications and so forth.

The first place is of course occupied (as every year) by the newest Raspberry Pi model. This years second place was given to the Kickstarter funded and very powerful UDOO Bolt (229$).

Our RED Brick got the third place. We were very happy about the good result, especially since the RED Brick is already nearly 5 years old while all of the competing boards in the ranking are brand new.
RED BrickYou can read the complete ranking and article at

New enclosures and mounting possibilities


We have new enclosures and mounting plates:

Rail Mounting Case

To use Tinkerforge on a DIN rail you can use the Rail Mounting Kit. This has been available for a while, but it can only mount one stack of Bricks.

Our new Rail Mounting Case has enough space for lots of different Bricks and Bricklets. Fully equipped it has enough space for 8 Industrial Bricklets and additionally up to 4 4x4cm modules (Bricks / Master Extension / Step-Down Power Suply). Additionally the new enclosure has a top lid that can be opened. If closed it protects the Bricks and Bricklets against dust and accidental contact of the electronics.

Rail Mounting Case Front

The enclosure is highly customizable. The side walls are compatible to each other and they can be put into different places. Because of this you can mount Bricks and Bricklets freely and the enclosure can easily be customized for your individuel project.

Rail Mounting Case Open

The second floor of the enclosure has a mounting plate that can mount any Bricklet. It is for example possible to mount an OLED display including a push button. As an example you could show status information about your control cabinet on the display and use the button to switch between different measured values.

Tinkerforge Workbench with 34x20cm

The Tinkerforge Workbench is perfect for everybody that wants to experiment with Tinkerforge components and wants to present the project in a tidy way. The Tinkerforge Workbench is also the best-selling product that we produce with our laser cutter. Since we often got inquiries about a bigger version, we want to offer one now.

Alongside the old Workbench with a size of 20x14cm we will now have an additional Workbench with a size of 34x20cm. It can be used to mount a huge assortment of different Bricks and Bricklets.

Four new Mounting Plates: 12x12cm and 24x12cm each with and without cable lead-through

For many years have been selling a Mounting Plate with a size of 12x6cm. The plate has a 5mm pitch pattern of 3mm holes. We would like to add four additional new Mounting Plates with different sizes.

The new Mounting Plates are:

A cable lead-through in the Mounting Plate was often wished for. With the new bigger sized Mounting Plates there is now enough space to add it. The cable lead-through is big enough to fit one of our 8-pole connectors of the Industrial Bricklets (which means that it is also big enough for a USB cable or Bricklet cable).