VAT reduced from 19% to 16%

From July 1st, 2020 the VAT will be reduced from 19% to 16% in Germany. We will not increase the net price in our shop, so all products will become 3% cheaper (for customers that have to pay German VAT).

Here are the most important questions and answers:

Question: What happens to orders that are made after July 1st 2020?
Answer: These orders are charged directly with 16% VAT.

Question: What happens to orders that are ordered and paid before July 1st, 2020 but not delivered yet?
Answer: The shipping date is the date that counts for the VAT calculation. We will refund 3% after shipping in this case.

Question: I am expecting a subsequent delivery (backorder) that has not yet been sent. The order was placed before July 1st, 2020. What happens here?
Answer: As mentioned in the last answer, the shipping date counts, so the reduced VAT will be applied. Therefore, for backorders that are deliver after June 30th 2020, we will refund 3% of the value of the backorder

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