Delphi bindings ready

The Delphi bindings are now ready to use!

If you find bugs, please report them in the generator git:

Lots of small new stuff

In the last few days we added some of the most wanted new APIs for the existing Bricks and Bricklets, including:

  • get_chip_temperature (temperature of microcontroller, available on all Bricks).

  • reset (Software reset of microcontroller and stack, available on all Bricks).

  • monoflop (Dual Relay Bricklet).

  • USB Hotplug (It is now possible to plug in a USB connector in a stack that is already powered by a Step-Down Power Supply, the stack will restart and register on the PC).

  • Minimum period of 1us on Servo Brick (was 2000us before).

  • configurable time base for Stepper Brick (you can now do something like one step each 2.5 seconds).

  • get_all_data/ all data callback (To get all important Stepper Brick messages together).

  • new_state callback (This will notify you if a new state is reached, e.g. if the full velocity of the Stepper Motor is reached).

  • And lots of small fixes in the Brick Viewer.

You can find all of the changes and links to the new versions on our announcements thread on tinkerunity.