Shop offline on 28th of October

On Monday the 28th of October we will introduce a new ERP system at Tinkerforge. Since it will replace parts of email notifications, billing and shipping that we currently do through our shop system, the shop will go offline at about 10:00 MESZ on 28th of October. We expect the migration to take 24 hours at the very most.

From a customer perspective the invoices, packing slip and order confirmation emails will look a bit differently after the migration, everything else should stay the same. The shop frontend also stays the same.

Internally we are currently using a whole bunch of island applications for the shop, for stock keeping, for shipping and packing, for calender functionality etc. This has worked very well for the first ~7 years of the company, but it is starting to fall apart now. Especially the ever increasing number of products, sourcing of the parts for the products and managing of the production as well as custom products for industrial customers is getting increasingly hard.

Thus our mix of the magento shop, spreadsheets, custom applications and hundreds of small Python scripts will be replaced by a proper ERP system on Monday.

Wish us luck! :)