New Dual Relay Bricklet

A few minutes ago we officially released our new Dual Relay Bricklet (hardware version 1.2). If your order is currently not yet shipped, you will already receive this new version!

In the forum we had users that could sporadically trigger undesired side effects (such as resetting a Brick) by switching a Relay of the old Dual Relay Bricklet. Often it was quite hard for us to provide suitable help. The usage of snubbers, varistors or similar did not always solve the problems. Since the problems mostly were not reproducible it was also hard to verify the implementet measures. The hardware design of the old version was based on a typical relay circuitry, that is used in most products.

To circumvent the problems we decided to design a new hardware version. The new hardware version has an additional comprehensive protective circuitry. We hope that the odd unsolvable side effects are now a thing of the past!