Getting Started

A general description of Bricks, Master Extensions Bricklets and concepts can be found in the primer.

These Tutorials are an introduction to the usage of Bricks and Bricklets and their concepts:

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ and all downloads are listed in the downloads section.


Our products are divided into five different categories:

There is an extra section for discontinued products.

This timeline presents an overview of released products and finished developments.


The software includes service and test programs, the API bindings to interact with Bricks and Bricklets as well as their firmwares and plugins:

Those can be downloaded in the downloads section. The source code and links for bug trackers can be found in their own section.

The basics of the programming interface are described here.

Embedded Boards

Bricks and Bricklets can easily be combined with different embedded boards:


This specifications include the technical data for the connectors used on Bricks and Bricklets as well as the different low level protocols:

A Wireshark dissector for TFP (Tinkerforge Protocol) is available.