Bricklets in stock again and how we will proceed


LCD 20x4, LCD 16x2, Humidity, Dual Relay, IO16 Bricklets and some Servo Bricks are in stock again as of now. All other Bricks will be available at the beginning of February, as stated before. Orders that we receive in the Christmas period will be shipped out on December 27.


Since we got many questions concerning our next steps, here is a small overview: We have already ordered the new parts that are needed to produce new Bricks and we have spoken with a new circuit board assembler. In the future we will get our Modules ready-to-ship. This will simplify our shipping process greatly. We will also soon receive professionel shipping equipment, it will allow us to automatically insert tracking numbers and such into our shop system during the shipping process.

As the next step, directly after Christmas, we will improve the website. We got a lot of feedback concerning the website that we want to incorporate. The number one suggestion was to implement some sort of pre order in the shop. We got negative feedback about the forum. It seems the forum is not very well suited for our purpose. In response to this we are currently working on a Tinkerforge Community Portal. This will include a better forum, a wiki, possibilities to present your project and much more. We hope that the Community Portal can go online before New Year’s Eve.

Otherwise we will work on the anounced features and products, so they will be ready together with the new Bricks. The features and products include the Mac OS/iOS port, the wireless extension and the IMU Brick.

(Robot-)Construction kits and other relizations of your ideas will follow afterwards.

We wish you Happy Holidays!