Cases for Bricklets

Cases for Bricklets are now available in the shop. They have non-slip rubber feet and can either be used directly on a table or they can also be mounted on mounting plates. In the following we want to present some of the new cases:

For Bricklets with terminal blocks we made cases that allow access to the terminal block from the top as well as the side.

For the Ambient Light, Barometer, Humidity and Temperature Bricklet we designed a single case that can be used with all of them. The case has venting slits and can be used with all of the sensor types.

The LCD 20x4 Bricklet case has extensions for the buttons. It is possible to press the buttons from the outside of the case!

A question that was often asked regarding the Dual Relay Bricklet was how one can protect against accidental access. One possible solution is now the Dual Relay Bricklet case . The internal wiring is done with WAGO clamps. A cable relief is also available. If a cable with protection conductor (PE) is used, it should be crimped according to the documentation. This ensures that the protection conductor is the last wire that is seperated.