Help, Master Bricks are out of stock!

As you have probably already seen, some of our products are sold out. Now the Master Brick is gone too. Since we weren’t sure if there would be any interest at all, we didn’t produce huge quantities.


Master Bricks will likely be available in the end of January or early February again. The reason for that are the board-to-board connectors. They are especially produced for us and have a long lead time. The fact that Christmas and the new year is so near doesn’t help either. We did already order new ones and this time we ordered really big quantaties.

What the future holds

To see the whole thing in a positive light: We will be able to use the time until February to implement many of the anounced features and many of your suggestions. This includes The wireless extension, the IMU, the MacOS and iOS port and more. In addition, we now have a chance to make improvements in the hardware design or possibly apply bug fixes.


All of the modules that are sold be us, were made by a circuit board assembler without the THT components (THT components are pushed through the circuit board). Before we went online, we made a small portion of these ready to be send out (we thought it would be enough for at least a month). To give a small overview about what has to be done:

Our modules come in a panel (i.e. a bunch of them are beeing hold together by small bridges). They must be broken out and the sharp remains of the bridges are must be removed. After that we place the THT parts and the circuit boards get cleand and dried. Then we flash the UID and the firmware. Before the hardware is send out, we make a small test of the most important functions. The latter is unfortunately necessary since our circuit board assembler did not deliver 100% quality and we don’t want to ship broken or half functioning products.

Nevertheless, we have now mastered the process as described above and we can now definitely process the accumulated orders in the next days.