Mounting Plate and Rail Mounting Kit

As of now we have a new Mounting Plate as well as a new Rail Mounting Kit in our Shop.

The Mounting Plate has a size of 120x60mm with 22x10 holes in a 5mm grid.

The Mounting Plate comes with four self-adhesive non-slip rubber feet and a Mounting Plate Connector. With the connector it is possible to string together several Mounting Plates:

With the Rail Mounting Kit it is possible to mount nearly all Bricks and Bricklets on DIN rail:

The mounting to the rail itself is done with 1x WAGO 288-001 Mounting Carrier and 2x WAGO 288-002 Mounting Foot. On the Mounting Carrier you can mount nearly all Bricks and Bricklets to a 42x62mm PMMA plate.

Additionally to the new mounting possibilities there will be compatible cases for Bricklets in the near future, stay tuned!