New payment provider

In the last weeks the complaints regarding our payment provider (Moneybookers) seemed to increase. Many credit card and ELV payments were not accepted without any reason and often the shopping cart was empty after the abortion. Even after a long back and forth with Moneybookers these problems couldn’t be fixed. Thus we decided to change the payment provider about a month ago.

All of the necessary verification processes are now completed and it is from now on possible to pay with credit card or with ELV (Germany only) over Heidelpay. In contrast to Moneybookers the whole payment process is now integrated in our shop. There are no popups any more, you don’t have to leave the shop for payment and the shopping cart will still be there if the payment failed!

Additionally to credit card and ELV it is still possible to pay via prepayment (europe only) and PayPal. Regular customers, universities and schools can still order on account. With Heidelpay it would also be possible to integrate the PayPal payment process into our shop (so you aren’t redirected to the PayPal site for payment). This would cost us a little bit more but if it is asked for we could activate that pretty fast now.

We did test the new system with some real orders and everything seemed to work fine. If you have any problems please contact so we can fix the issues!