WARP Chargers are eligible for KfW 442 funding

KFW 442 Tinkerforge

The list of eligible charging solutions for KfW funding 'KfW 442 - Solar Power for Electric Cars' has now been released. Our wallboxes, WARP Charger Smart and WARP Charger Pro, are listed on the list and therefore qualify for a 600€ grant. The funding supports the new purchase and installation of a wallbox, photovoltaic system, and storage. The PV system is subsidized at 600€ per kWp, and a storage unit at 250€ per kWh. An electric vehicle must be either already owned or ordered. The specific conditions are described on the KfW website: Link to KfW 442 website.

Bidirectional Charging Solutions

Bidirectional charging solutions are eligible for an additional 600€ in funding. As of now, only one product is listed, which is a DC Charger. We have not been able to find any sellers offering this product directly. We assume that the additional costs far exceed the higher funding amount. After all, a bidirectional DC Charger requires an inverter that converts between the DC battery voltage of the vehicle and the AC power grid.

Some manufacturers offer partial "solutions" for bidirectional AC charging. To our knowledge, the technical and legal framework for these solutions has not yet been defined (communication with the vehicle, feed-in characteristics, etc.). Furthermore, we are not aware of any electric cars currently on the market that are technically equipped for this purpose. Vehicles that can operate an AC device (e.g., a cooler box) are not automatically suitable for bidirectional AC charging.