WIFI Extension 2.0 now supports Mesh Networking

With firmware version 2.1.0 the WIFI Extension 2.0 now supports Mesh Networking.

With Mesh Networking enabled you can have a whole bunch of stacks with WIFI Extension 2.0 and only one of them has to be reachable by a WIFI router.

The WIFI Extensions can arbitrarily move in and out of range of each other, the mesh will always be maintained automatically.

The configuration is very easy. You just have to put the extensions into Mesh Mode and configure a group prefix/id and a mesh gateway ip/port per mesh.

Please note, the following software versions are necessary for the new mesh features:

  • WIFI Extension 2.0 version 2.1.0,
  • Master Brick version 2.4.2,
  • Brick Daemon version 2.3.0 and
  • Brick Viewer version 2.3.7.