11 new Bricklets arrived (Part 4/4)

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Industrial Analog Out Bricklet

The Industrial Analog Out Bricklet is used to create current signals (0mA to 24mA) and voltage signals (0V to 10V) according to DIN IEC 60381-1 and DIN IEC 60381-2, to control devices with corresponding interfaces.

Industrial Dual Analog In Bricklet

The Industrial Dual Analog In Bricklet is equipped with a 2-channel 24-bit ADC for voltage measurements. It is factory calibrated. This allows for a full-scale (-35V to +35V) accuracy of 0.1% (±4mV) with up to 976 samples per second. Therefore, the Industrial Dual Analog In Bricklet represents the current high-end Bricklet for voltage measurements.

RS232 Bricklet

The RS232 Bricklet can send and receive serial data to communicate with other serial devices. The Bricklet offers three different connection options. A D-sub 9 connector and a 5-way terminal block provides a serial interface with RS-232 signal level. Alternatively, a 5-way pin header provides the same serial interface but with 3.3V TTL signal level.

ENDE, END, FIN, коне́ц

This was the last part of this series. We are eager to read about your projects! More Bricks and Bricklets to extend the system of building blocks will follow in the future. Stay tuned!