Send and receive SMS messages with the RED Brick

Instead of mostly talking about new products in our blog we want to show small and big projects more often. Today we start with two example programs for the RED Brick. The projects show how you can send and receive SMS messages with the RED Brick.

The sms_humidity example sends a SMS humidty message with a 60 second interval. It uses the callback of the Humidity Bricklet. The projects needs the RED Brick, a 3g stick with sim card and a Master Brick with Humidity Bricklet. In a Python script you can enter the UID of the Humidity Bricklet, the pin number of the sim card as well as the phone number of the sms message receiver. If transferred to the RED Brick, the python script will automatically send the humindity SMS message every 60 seconds.

The sms_location example uses a GPS Bricklet and it sends the position via SMS message. Instead of using a sending interval, the position is requested. To request the position you can send a SMS with the command “tf:loc” to the RED Brick. It will then send back the current position.

Both examples are written in Python and can be easily used as a starting point for your SMS message sending and receiving applications! Have fun with your automated SMS messaging!