11 new Bricklets arrived (Part 3/4)

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Accelerometer Bricklet

The Accelerometer Bricklet is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer. The measured acceleration values for the three axes can be used to calculate the inclination of the Bricklet as roll and pitch angle. The Accelerometer Bricklet fits into the category of motion and position sensors in between the Tilt Bricklet and the IMU Brick.

Possible applications for the Accelerometer Bricklet are vast. For example, it can be used as an vibration sensor, or as a level, or to measure g-forces while driving a car, or du build an electronic dice.

Dust Detector Bricklet

The Dust Detector Bricklet is equipped with a dust sensor to measure the airborne dust density. This can be used as accurate indicator for when to vacuum or air the room.

Laser Range Finder Bricklet

The Laser Range Finder Bricklet uses a laser distance sensor. It can measure distance up to 40m with a resolution of 1cm and velocity up to 127m/s with a resolution of 1m/s. The velocity measurement range can be reduced in four steps down to 12.7m/s. The smaller measurement range allows for higher resolution up to 0.1m/s.

The Laser Range Finder Bricklet is the new star among the Bricklets for distance measurements. In contrast to the Distance IR Bricklet it is not sensitive to sunlight and its distance measurement range is much bigger compared to the Distance US Bricklet. Because it uses a narrow laser beam, instead of infrared light or ultrasound, it can to pinpoint measurements.

The Laser Range Finder Bricklet can be used for many applications. Here are some robotic examples: it can be used as height-above-ground sensor for drones or as laser scanner when combined with a servo or stepper motor.

Load Cell Bricklet

The Load Cell Bricklet can be connected to a load cell to build an individual and precise scale. There alre also four different load cells for different weight ranges available in the shop: 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 50kg.

The Load Cell Bricklet can be used in all applications that benefit from automatic scales. For example, while automating a hobby-beer-brewery to automatically check the amounts of different ingredients.

How it continues tomorrow…

In the last part, that will be published tomorrow, we will introduce three new I/O Bricklets: Industrial Analog Out, Industrial Dual Analog In and RS232 Bricklet.