New forum and wiki online

We are proud to present - The Tinkerforge Community.

The two most frequent complains about the homepage were: The behavior of the forum and the two different accounts for shop and community on the same site. To overcome these problems we have made a separate community page. We decided to not develop a single sign on for the the shop and a forum on because of security issues. A security hole in the forum should not be able to result in a loss of personal data entered in the shop system. Tinkerunity is hosted on a different server. This of course also helps to speed up both, the shop and the community site.

On the shop, the official english documentation and our blog will remain. Tinkerunity will host the discussion forums and all other community created content. In the long run we would love to see translations of the most important parts of the documentation in different languages as well as lots of project ideas and presentations there.

We managed to import the old forum posts into the new forum. Unfortunately you will have to re-register on Tinkerunity, we were not able to import the accounts. Tinkerunity is a work in progress, there are probably many bugs. Please contact us with any problems you find.