First Bricklet Batch arrived - Photos, Testing and Packing to be done

Yesterday we have posted that in the next days we will be release 14 new Bricklets. The first bunch of Bricklets arrived from our EMS manufacturer:

The Bricklets passed the initial tests. So what’s next? Before we can sell them we need some days to take photos for the shop, finalize the product descriptions in the documentation, flash and test the Bricklets and package them in bigger quantities. We will keep you informed. Stay tuned!

Christmas is coming

At Christmas time there will be many novelties from Tinkerforge. Never before there were so many new products at one blow!

Fourteen new Bricklets

Believe it or not, 14 new Bricklets will be released in the next days! The possible applications reach from home automation, across robotics, to new products for human interfaces. We will keep you posted!

New Accessories

There will be new accessory products in the shop compatible to the new Bricklets. So it’s time for a new project at Christmas time!

New Starter Kit

At the moment we don’t want to tell much about the new kit. Here’s a first impression of the new kit to warm you up in the cold season:

So stay tuned! We will give more details in the next days.

Exhibitor at INTERRADIO

Tinkerforge is at the 32th INTERRADIO in Hanover. INTERRADIO takes place at 30. November and is amongst others things an amateur radio market with various exhibitors.