Chibi Extension

Since we got requests to make the Chibi Extension already available (before the Master Bricks are in stock again), we just did that.

We also tried to make some maximum range measurements, it turns out the manufacturer specification of 2km is not exaggerated.

The first tests were done with the cheap small antenna. I did run around in the fields behind our office and annoyed Bastian by turning the volume of his PC up and down with a Linear Poti Bricklet. Even with the small antenna i couldn’t actually get out of range this way (as long as there was line of sight).

So, i drove of with my car to the next road that is visible out of our window, here we were actually out of range with the small antenna, but with the big external antenna we still had a connection!

We are not 100% sure what the exact distance is that we tested, but it is quite far away and definitely further than we expected. We will just leave the “up to 2km” in the documentation, since that seems to be reachable easily.

Indoors the range is as expected, one big wall with reinforced concrete is enough to interrupt the connection. As a rule of thumb you can probably say: If you have connection with WIFI from one point to another it should work with the Chibi Extension too, since Chibi should have a greater range than WIFI.